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    To help support efforts to contain the spread of COVID-19, and to ensure the safety of our visitors, staff, and volunteers, Job Carr Cabin Museum is temporarily closed.


    We will continue to share updates and local history information on our website and social media accounts. You can find us on Facebook, Instagram Twitter, and YouTube.


    Thank you for your understanding.

  • Schools Outreach Program

    Our in-person programming is currently suspended, but you can find educational resources and activities on our Learn at Home webpage.

    “The curriculum was excellent! By the time we finished the materials, my kids thought Job Carr was a rock star!!”

    – Elementary school teacher


    "Thank you for the best field trip ever!"

    -Fourth grade student

    “The tour of the museum and subsequent tour of the neighborhood was wonderful! Students are still full of impressions and excitement”

    – High school teacher


    “Thanks again. It was a fun well-timed field trip. I look forward to doing this again next year. I will certainly tell other preschool co-ops how much fun we had.”

    – Preschool Coordinator


    “Thank you so much for the outstanding visit today for our homeschoolers! You exceeded our expectations in a grand way. The kids and parents are all bragging about the great day. Bravo!”

    – Homeschool parent


    “I had a blast. It was really fun. You guys taught me some new things I didn’t know. I like when we made butter and had gunny sack races. I can’t wait to come again. It was a really awesome field trip.”

    – Third grade student

  • Downloadable Lesson Plans

    Bring the Museum to Your Virtual Classroom!

    Interdisciplinary Lesson Plans

    Resources for Schools

    We've adapted a growing set of interdisciplinary lesson plans from the Museum's award-winning traveling trunk curriculum for students who are participating in remote learning and virtual schooling. Teachers and parents can use these comprehensive resources to engage students in learning about the Oregon Trail, daily life before Washington statehood, and the development of the city of Tacoma.


    Additional educational resources are available on our Learn At Home webpage.

    What Was Job Carr's Life Like Before He Moved West?

    Designed for 3rd and 4th grade students, this lesson plan includes reading, social studies, writing and art. It provides students with an opportunity to learn about Job Carr's life before he traveled west along the Oregon Trail. Students conduct a close reading of a first-person historical narrative, complete a timeline of sequential events, and create an illustrated storyboard of these events.

    Where Was The Oregon Trail?

    Designed for 4th grade students, this lesson plan includes math, reading, writing, and social studies. It provides students with an opportunity to learn about important landmarks along the Oregon Trail. Students use a grid map to plot a route across the western United States, complete a close reading activity about Oregon Trail landmarks, and write an opinion paragraph about which landmark was most important to the pioneers.

    What Did Job Carr See And Do When He Arrived In Puget Sound?

    Designed for 4th grade students, this lesson plan includes reading, social studies, writing and art. It encourages students to think critically about what the Puget Sound area looked like when settlers first began to arrive. Students compare and contrast primary and secondary historical sources.

    What Would It Be Like For Job Carr To Travel Through Puget Sound?

    Learn at Home Lesson 4, Part A and Part B

    Designed for 4th grade students, this lesson plan includes social studies, P.E., math, and writing. Students learn about daily life and transportation in Washington territory for the era prior to statehood.

    • In Part A, students increase their knowledge of local geography, maps, and trip planning to understand how tribal members and early settlers traveled around Puget Sound.
    • In Part B, students write a narrative story about an imagined journey during the 1860s, before the arrival of the transcontinental railroad.

    How Has Tacoma Grown?

    Designed for 4th grade students, this lesson plan includes social studies, reading and math. Students examine historical photographs to learn more about the development of the city of Tacoma, including the importance of the transcontinental railroad. They compare and contrast the past with the present by analyzing a historical advertisement. Students also use census data from 1870 to 2010 to graph the population growth of Tacoma.

    Traveling Trunks for 3rd and 4th Grade Students

    Award-winning materials for schools

    **Please note that reservations for our traveling trunks are currently paused.**


    Job Carr Cabin Museum offers a FREE hands-on interdisciplinary curriculum with everything a 3rd or 4th grade teachers needs for a fun and creative history experience.


    Follow Tacoma’s first pioneer, Job Carr, as he makes his trip west with lessons that include stories, activities, art projects and more!


    Our school trunks are in high-demand by educators throughout Puget Sound. The lesson plans are meticulously thought out and easy to follow. Teachers and home school groups consistently rate our trunks as outstanding and engaging.

    Additional educational resources are available on our Learn At Home webpage.

  • Virtual Field Trips

    Virtual Field Trips

    Customizable video visits for school groups

    We are adapting the museum field trip experience for online classrooms. Our education team is working with teachers to provide an engaging and customizable learning opportunity for third and fourth grade students to discover the past.

    • Discover what life was like for kids traveling the Oregon Trail.
    • See inside the cabin to learn about the daily life of early settlers.
    • Compare how living in a modern home is different than a pioneer log cabin.
    • Find out about old-fashioned toys and games.
    • Learn about the people and industries that helped Tacoma grow.

    Available for elementary schools

    How does it work?

    • We recommend that students complete at least one of the museum's learn at home lessons before the virtual field trip.
    • Teachers collect questions from students about Job Carr, the Oregon Trail, Tacoma history, and life in a log cabin. We tailor your virtual field trip content based on the students' questions.
    • Live or recorded virtual field trip
      • Our team can meet in a live video feed with your classroom, or
      • Our team can meet with the teacher in a one-on-one video chat. The teacher can share a link of the video recording with their students. 

    Contact us for more information!

    We can also provide craft supplies for teachers to distribute to your students.

    Our Field Trips Are Fee-Free!

    Thank you to our generous donors and sponsors!

    We want every child in Tacoma to have the opportunity to experience the Cabin and learn about local history.


    If your school or PTA would like to donate to support the Cabin’s education programs, please contact our staff.

  • Walking Tours

    Take a walk and explore the neighborhood where the city of Tacoma began to develop. Find out about the people and places there are part of the history of this area.


    This printable scavenger hunt begins and ends at Job Carr Cabin Museum in Old Town Park -- 2350 N 30th St, Tacoma.

    **Please note that reservations for guided walking tours are currently paused.**


    Explore Tacoma history in-person with a guided walking tour for your school or community group.

    Visit Old Town Tacoma’s historic sites and hear tales about the people who lived here over 100 years ago.


    We can show you many of Tacoma's important firsts. Discover where Job’s cabin originally stood, the site of the first schoolhouse, first hotel, first jail, first church, first hospital, and first main street. Our friendly and knowledgeable tour guides discuss the immigrants, fishing, tall ships, timber and railroad that were all so important to the beginning of Tacoma.


    We offer customized tours for elementary school, middle school, high school and college classes with areas of study including Washington state history, migration and immigration, women's stories, and the industry's that put Tacoma on the map.


    History walks are best suited for ages 9 to adult.

  • Cabin Videos

    See and hear how visitors have fun with history at Job Carr Cabin Museum.

    2016 Pioneer Days

    During our annual community festival, teachers talk about our Schools Outreach Program.


    You can also find out more about the Museum and Job Carr's legacy in Tacoma with this 2019 video from KBTC Profiles.

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